“The empty square effect” – free training:

We have been selling Christmas trees for 15 years We have sold out of trees in hundreds of yards across the country. It’s all about the goods and methods so good that you go home with a profit when others are still giving discounts for hours and getting rid of the weakest trees. We started by standing in someone else’s yard, today we are the largest supplier of Christmas trees in Lower Silesia. So we know how extremely difficult (including physically) this business is. We also know how to succeed in it and repeat it every year. We would be happy to share this knowledge with you.

For those who buy Christmas trees from us, we offer:

Free consultation:
  • how to choose a profitable yard – how to present trees in the yard
  • which Christmas trees to sell – how to account for employees
  • How many Christmas trees to buy – industry trends and fashions
Sales methods:
  • attracting customers
  • bargaining
  • complementary sales
  • sales tricks
  • how to talk to the buyer
  • how to dress 😉
  • … and much, much more useful information to increase your customers’ satisfaction and maximise your profits
Talking doesn’t commit you to anything, and if you’re thinking about your own square, it will certainly help. Come on in!

Let's get started

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