Beautiful Christmas tree people

Sales history

We started our Christmas tree sales in 2008 by standing in someone else’s yard and selling the trees entrusted to us.

After 2 years of valuable experience in one of the largest companies in Europe, we decided to go on our own.

Today we remember our first season with great fondness.
We bought our first commodity with a loan and watched it in freezing temperatures of -20°C.

In between, we prepared for exams at university.

It was very hard, but the pleasant sales atmosphere and smiling customers made up for any sales effort. It also quickly became apparent that we had an ‘eye’ for Christmas trees that sold easily. Our merchandise drew attention and attracted buyers. In each successive year we have increased the number of retail stands and improved the quality of our Christmas trees. We also added more types of Christmas trees to the range and improved the appearance of the stands. Thanks to this, in our 4th year of business, we have already become the largest Christmas tree retailer in Wroclaw. In 2014, we set up our own Christmas tree plantation, and in 2015 we started wholesale. We used the knowledge and experience gained from developing our own retail sales. We spent many months finding the best plantations in Poland and Europe. We have created a complete offer, based on honesty and high quality Christmas trees. Our determination and commitment were paying dividends. Each year we have gained new customers, and in 2018 we became the leader in Christmas tree wholesale in our region.
We enjoy our work very much. What gives us the greatest satisfaction is the joy in the voice of our business partners when we wish each other merry Christmas on 24 December and hear : “Everything is sold out.” Then, tired but happy, we sit down at the Christmas Eve Table to feel the Magic of this Christmas with our families.


At a glance

  • Christmas tree sales since 2008
  • production of Christmas trees since 2014
  • sales leader in Lower Silesia
  • hundreds of visits to plantations across the country and in Europe
  • best value for money
  • constant analysis of the market, new plantations and changing sales trends
  • free consultation for retailers
  • 100% profit guarantee or reimbursement

We operate

  • we grow Christmas trees on our own plantation, taking care of each one separately
  • We spend 1.5 months a year visiting plantations throughout Poland, Denmark and Germany
  • we select every Christmas tree that goes on sale ourselves
  • the acquired goods are purchased by retailers
  • attractive price allows high margins for retailers
  • superior quality and appearance of Christmas trees results in quick sales
  • satisfied retailers return year after year
We are constantly improving the quality of the trees on offer and the scale of the operation. Recipients of our goods can expect to grow with us

Let's get started

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